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"Integrating Sustainable Social Impact and
Business DNA."

“Craftsmanship”, the art, beauty and spirit of craftspersons, or “The Makers”, has always been part of Yip’s Chemical’s business DNA, as the company strives to brighten homes and lives for consumers with high-quality chemical products. In its 50th golden jubilee anniversary, Yip's Chemical extended the spirit of “home” and took a step forward to help the needy, and also promoted and inherited craftsmanship through innovative programmes. 

Yip’s Chemical is one of the first batch companies in advocating Business with Purpose”. Joining hands with SONOVA and Social Ventures Hong Kong, Yip’s Chemical launched “Home is” Craftsman Impact Project which integrates social elements into its business through the strategic deployment of resources and innovative ideas so as to attain a win-win result for the company and society.

Three pillar programmes under “Home Is”:



Master Club

Providing free health check and stretching classes for painters to support their physical and mental health


Home Academy

Organising workshops with carpenters and colourists to pass on carpentry and painting skills while promoting  Maker Spirit


Renovation With Heart

Connecting Yip's Chemical staff and painters to offer families in need with free home improvement services

As a strategic partner, SONOVA worked with Yip's Chemical on programme curation and media management. SONOVA also lined up cross-sector partnerships with medical professionals, like-minded makers, social-purpose organisations and local families to create synergy between the business and the community. 

"We are here to craft your very own Impact Stories…with Cross-Sector Synergies." 

"The Scaling of Impact"




Community Members Engaged











"What do our partners say?"

“I think being a craftsperson allows you to see life differently, know yourself better, and guide you to better plan your future. “


- Dr. Alman Chan, Founding Principal of Christian Zheng Sheng College (Beneficiary education organisation of  Renovation with Heart)

“The community chair is absolutely unique and like no other as it is designed by the primary students. We are keen to design a more multi-functional and relaxing community chair for the residents in Aberdeen.”


- Antony Ling, Education Director at Hopeland Education

(Beneficiary education organisation of  Community Exploration Camp under Home Academy)

“I feel remarkably accomplished when looking at this chair because it was constructed by me from scratch. “


- Li Pak Hei, Youth

(Participant of Community Exploration Camp under Home Academy)

“I had a hard time moving around the place.Thanks to the makers of Renovation with Heart who redesigned my flat’s floor plan and sourced tailor-made home furniture for me. It’s much easier for me to walk around the flat now!“


- Ms. Leung, Community Member

(Beneficiary family of Renovation with Heart)


“The one-on-one stretching therapy was very effective. It cured my pain that had lasted for years.”


“My shoulders were badly hurt during work, yet I felt much better after doing the stretching exercises I learnt from the stretching classes.” 


-  Painters

(Participants of Stretching Classes under Master Club)

Media Exposure


Wellness Partners