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good causes day 2021


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“Good Causes Day” is an annual charitable event hosted by Meta Hong Kong, intended to  mobilise its employees around meaningful causes and help non-profit organisations use its products to advocate social good causes and connect more closely with their communities.

Good Causes Day -
A Day For Good Causes

2021 not only marks the sixth anniversary of Good Causes Day, but also hardship and  disconnection among communities. Joining hands with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and SVhk (engineered by SONOVA), Meta decided to bring Social Inclusion under the spotlight, wishing to promote the significance of understanding and acceptance in the society, thus introduces practical tools and strategies on Facebook, Instagram and different media platforms to help NGOs expanding their work further.

Good Causes Day 2021 consists of 2 major programmes.

a.Impact Experiences 

Experiences Curations 

Joining hands with “Hi Strangers” and “Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Foundation”,we co-created special experiences for META staff to live the life as a visually impaired person and an ethnic minority, understanding their difficulties and their beauty.

b.Impact Storytelling 


Cross-sectoral guest speakers and Meta representatives were invited to address the importance of social inclusion.

As a Community Partner, SONOVA worked with Meta on programme curations. SONOVA also lined up cross sector partnerships with NGOs to provide unique experiences.

We curate experiences and tell stories...
with Meanings and Impact.

"Impact in different kinds of forms"




Meta Staff



NGO Partners Engaged




2,100 +

"What do our partners say?"


“Social Inclusion” is about perceiving people as an individual instead of their social groups. “


- Corn Sim, The Salvation Army

( Participant and Speaker of  Good Causes Day Summit)

“The Dialogue in the Dark Experience inspired me to think about how products and facilities should be 'planning for everyone' in creation, serving not only the majority but catering the needs of all needed communities in the society.”


- Julian Wong, Meta

(Organizer, Participant and Speaker of Good Causes Day)

"People are usually nervous upon arrival (of ChungKing mansion tours), but they would have a change of mind 2 hours later. I strongly remember some participants even asked me not to escort them to the gate because they would like to 'walk around first.' That’s exactly what we are looking for:people feeling comfortable in Chungking mansion…

The greatest form of empowerment is self representation. Not you, not me, it's them.


- Jeffrey Andrews, Christian Actions

(Tour Organiser and Speaker of Good Causes Day)

Jeffery ANdrews jeng .jpeg
Cora DE.jpeg

“It is important to not only embrace people of differences but also offering them a platform to demonstrate their strength."


Cora Chu, CEO of Dialogue In The Dark (HK) Foundation

(Speaker of Good Causes Day)