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Raphael Kam

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“I believe He’s just a story, but I’m looking for the truth…”

(On Our Own by Bruno Major)


Raphael thinks stories come in different forms and shapes:written text, movies, dialogues, music… but the truly impactful ones are only the ones with authenticity, ones with producers' truth being spoken. 


As an Impact Storyteller, Raphael engages in impact curations alongside his colleagues, and produce impact storytelling through multimedia communications: graphic designs, media posts, videos etc, in hopes to penetrate the stoned cold screens and deliver authenticity and warmth. 


In his spare time, Raphael enjoys running, reading, engaging with the nature and explore the beauty in the undiscovered. Among all his hobbies he loves singing the most, as music connects him with people and the world.


Feel free to follow his singing account!

Instagram: gumsing_gumsing

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