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A Heart for Impact

Don’t work for the CEO;

Don’t work for the company;

Don’t work for the business;

Work for IMPACT.


Everyone had the experience of answering the question of “What do you want to do in the future?”. My answers have always been ambiguous, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted.

But there’s one thing I knew, I didn’t want to work in a business firm where all people think about is money.

You might call that a bias, and a deep-rooted one. It manifested into a thinking that it was only right to work for social enterprises and NGOs. Because they are mission-driven; because they care about other people; because they are doing the right thing.

“Perhaps I was being unfair all along.”

This thought lingers in my mind after the internship at SONOVA. Are certain jobs more noble than others? And why should I be the one to judge so? Job nature and job title were not what made an impact on society, it was the people, the actions they carried out and the future they dreamt.

Throughout the 8 weeks of internship, I’ve met people from various fields coming together with a common goal, a common drive to make changes: a well-established business that put the well-being of youth on the frontline of their agenda; an international bank that supports sustainability in their own office; a museum that went to great lengths to ensure inclusivity in their infrastructure.

Impact isn’t picky about our names or who we work for, impact awaits for all of us.

It is now my dream to take on any role as long as I carry a heart for change.

– Intern Kathy Hsieh SLP 2022


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