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Summer of Change

This summer, to me, is more than just a holiday to explore new things outside my academic field; but a down-to-earth journey to turn my wildest plan of change into action. Wildest, as in breaking my self-imposed boundaries and meeting a better “me” in 2 months.

The process was no joke. From crawling in the struggle between fulfilling my job duty as a content writer and feeling hand-tied to compose anything impressive because of my writing fear, to curating a promotion video and even appearing on screen to share my internship experiences, I was, as I now come to understand, constantly pushed forward, with my imagination for self, work, and future changing fastest than ever.

One of my favorite memories is the video shooting for our internship program, during which we as directors paid visits to different purpose-driven social enterprises and documented their interns’ life. Many shots we took were of the moments the interns co-creating and co-leading their activities with their stakeholders for empowerment. The central tour organized by ohmykids, for example, showed children could also take the lead and guide other seniors in community exploration. This provoked my thoughts on the meaning of work and the possibilities of its future form:

“Perhaps offices will fade out as people work anywhere they want.”

“Work-life balance will no longer be a goal as everyone integrates work as part of their life.”

Every new idea I had along my intern journey drove me to think further, ask more, and hang in longer. Looking back now, it is this kind of unknown encounter that kept my passion for my work and, consequently, catalyzed my process of change.

- SLP 2022 Martin HO


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